Hello, my name is Rick Rosamond. I have been a drywall finishing tradesman for over 25 years; providing quality, professional, and friendly service to Ascension, East Baton Rouge and Livingston Parish.

I learned this craft the old fashioned way. I started with packing material and cleaning tools for the real craftsmen back in 1990. Once I earned the respect of my crews journeyman for my work ethic and gained their acceptance for my desire to learn and improve my skill they taught me, through hours and hours of practice, their trade.

In 1998 I and a partner formed Cornerstone Drywall. Four years later my partner decided to explore a different career and Rick Rosamond Drywall was formed.

Over the years I have worked with residential contractors, commercial contractors, realtors, architects and individuals. Each customer has their own emphasis on time, price and workmanship. I found the most enjoyment from helping individuals create the home they dream about.

The craftsmanship of drywall finishing is my greatest enjoyment. This craft is one part construction work and two parts artistry. I don’t consider myself to be working the walls and ceilings instead I am using skill, experience, and innovation to shape a home. I want my customers and their families to enjoy the beauty of their home for years to come.