How much will it cost to fix my drywall?

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A quick search on Youtube and five video’s later is all it takes for someone to learn how to hang and finish drywall…right?

The answer is: it depends on why you want to do it yourself and what do you desire your end result to be.

If one of the following  is true then YouTube and sweat equity may be in your future; however make sure you have considered the flip side of the coin.

  1. You are broke: First, if this applies to you, let me say I am sorry I’ve been there and it sucks. Second, make sure that it is cost efficient to do the work yourself. What I mean is if, after the cost of tools, material, and time away from the job that pays the bills, you are only saving yourself a small amount you may want to reconsider.
  2. You just want the hole covered: Make sure to consider your future situation. Will you be selling your house within a few years? If so you may need to have it professionally done. Will those who share your home now be in agreement with your decision to do it yourself if your results are anything less than perfect. How much is it worth not to hear “I told ’em so”  every time some one comes to the house?
  3. You love DIY: Good for you! If you take your time and find someone with experience who can guide you when you cant figure out how to proceed you can do this. Understand that both the photos and videos you see on the internet do not capture the detail that your eye will in person. Don’t be afraid to use several thinner coats than the tape coat, bed coat, skim coat that is industry norm. A sanding sponge should be your new best friend (It is a straight out lie that texture can cover bad work)



The above 2′ x 1 1/2′ would cost between $240 & $320 depending on extent of covering and cleaning needed. Painting would be extra.

How do find someone to do the job for you?

  1. Word of mouth: still the best option,  but it takes a little leg work, asking family and friends if they know someone and then tracking that someone down.
  2. The internet: services such as Angies list, Homeadvisor, and thumbtack can put you in contact with handymen (pot luck “jack of all trades master of none ” types) and drywall contractors in your area. Remember with these services the contractor has to pay to contact you. This means that if the contractor paid ten dollars to contact you, and if they only book one out of ten contacts; the price to the customer needs to increase by one hundred dollars to maintain profitability.
  3. Local hardware or building supply stores: In many of these stores you can find a cork-board or counter with local contractors flyers or business cards. Also many times if you ask the salesmen in charge of building accounts they will know many of the local contractors. The big box stores (Lowes, Home Depot) offer services in the same way as the internet providers.
  4. Drywall Supply Stores: These specialty stores will be familiar with many of the drywall contractors in your area


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